LesbianSpringMeeting (LFT) Bremen
May 13th – 16th 2016


Different – but how!?

LFT Bremen 2016

Welcome to our LesbianSpringMeeting (LFT) from May 13th- 16th 2016. Our Lesbian gathering will take place in Bremen in Northern Germany and has the motto „Different – but how?!“

The LesbenFrühlingsTreffen (LesbianSpringGathering, LFT) has a tradition of more than 40 years and is expected to host around 800 lesbian women.

There will be 3 days of political discussion, theater, dance, workshops, music, tasty food … and fun.

Main language is German, but English interpretation may be available if needed.

The LFT is highly accessible: All areas are suitable for wheel-chair, a lot of workshops and even music performances will be signed.

Admission price is self calculated by each participant and includes food an drink in all areas. If 800 lesbians attended the meeting and each one paid an average of 80 Euros our costs would be covered. Decide for yourself, if you can contribute more or if you need to pay less – we trust your decision.

Housing is in each participants own responsibility and here we make several suggestions.

We are a colorful-mixed group of Lesbians and our slogan shall naturally form our program: “Different – but how!?

How different? Take a look at our concept, which you finde here in German.

Registration for LFT is open now, please sign up here.

You may also join us on Facebook.

We look forward to your feedback, contributions and ideas.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@lft2016.de, response will be in English.

The LFT-Orga-ladies from Bremen